Fire Barriers


In existing buildings we can repair or replace your non-compliant fire and smoke cavity barriers in existing roof spaces and other hidden voids.

Fire Barriers are used to limit heat transfer and impede smoke spread, typically within roof and ceiling voids.

We supply and install all major manufacturers’ materials including Mineral and Textile Fibre to block routes for smoke and flame spread.

We are approved partner applicators for Firefly Barriers (TBA Textiles) to install all forms of their vertical and horizontal barriers.

We also supply and install mineral fibre and textile fire barriers from all other major manufacturers.

We provide third-party accredited certification on both new installations and for sealing penetrations through existing barriers..

We use a full range of products between 30-120 minutes integrity and with varying levels of insulation to suit building regulation requirements.

If you need a new fire barrier or fire curtain installed in your loft or roof space, get in touch to discuss the options available

The Golden Thread

Recognising the need and demand for such expert services, Golden Thread Fire Delay provide a complete menu of fire compliance installation and consultancy services from surveying and inspections to installation and maintenance of fire compartmentation.

We are market-leading specialist installers of Passive Fire Protection (PFP) which includes fire doors, firestopping systems, intumescent coatings, sprayed cementitious and thermal coatings, all types of fire protection board, and soffit fire, thermal and acoustic lining systems.

Our works are backed by third-party accredited certification, included as part of a comprehensive operations and maintenance manual package handed over on completion.