Golden Thread Fire Delay is a specialist market-leading Passive Fire Protection (PFP) company, whose services include the installation of fire stopping systems, the inspection, installation and remediation of fire doors, fire compartmentation surveys, the application of intumescent coatings, sprayed cementitious and thermal coatings, all types of fire protection board, and soffit fire, thermal and acoustic lining systems.

Our focus is to help clients, both big and small, deliver and manage passive fire protection, including providing project management services and assisting in the creation of a ‘Golden Thread of Information’ in relation to the life safety structural fire components installed in buildings.

The company, formally Fire Delay Contractors Ltd, was formed in 1994, following amalgamation with Passifire Contracts Ltd and subsequently taking over Dragonchain Ltd in 2005. It began trading as Golden Thread Fire Delay in November 2022 following the acquisition of Golden Thread Fire Ltd and subsequent transition into an Employee Owned Trust.  

Our Directors, Managers, Supervisors and workforce overall possess a great depth of experience and competency reflecting this longevity, whilst continually learning and keeping up to date with all required training & qualifications that are needed to stay ahead in the industry.

All our installations and applications are followed up with in-house Quality Assurance inspections completed in accordance with, if not exceeding, industry standards and our BRE / LPCB and FIRAS Third Party accreditation requirements. We are proud to be active members of both the Association of Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) and the Fire Protection Association (FPA). 

Our on-site workforce all hold CSCS health and safety cards as a minimum, with the majority having the appropriate skill card and / or NVQ assessment together with IFE, SSSTS and NEBOSH safety qualifications.

Golden Thread Fire Delay understand the need to control the environmental, economic and social impact of its business activities and demonstrates its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility for employees, clients, suppliers, the local community, and other stakeholders and people with whom we interact.

We are proud to be both contributors and sponsors of the NFCC approved Reference Documents »

Proudly Employee Owned

It was a significant milestone for Golden Thread Fire Delay when we became an Employee Ownership (EO) company in 2022. Employee Ownership not only cultivated a deeper sense of ownership and accountability, but has also heightened collaboration, loyalty, and productivity among our employees.

The transition to Employee Ownership underscores our commitment to creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture while also driving long-term success and prosperity for the business and its employees.

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If you’re responsible for buildings or facilities in the healthcare, education, commercial, residential or retail/leisure sectors, or are a new-build contractor, check out our services or get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Vision Statement

To lead and uphold industry standards whilst developing and sustaining a profitable company; helping employees to realise their aspirations and potential through professionalism, honesty, integrity and fairness. A commitment to long term mutually beneficial relationships with clients, suppliers and partners, maintaining or improving safety, welfare, quality, sustainability, environmental and philanthropic targets.

A Complete Paper Trail

Those responsible for existing buildings, currently without information on their structural fire safety components such as fire doors, fire barriers and fire walls, can quickly and cost effectively create required documentation. Industry standards are available to do this, e.g. BRE / LPCB Standard LPS 1197 allows previously uncertified ‘nominal’ fire doors to be inspected and certified and they can thereafter be inspected, remediated and LPCB Certified annually to provide ‘golden thread’ management control of their function and compliance.

LPCB Cerfification for Fire Delay Contractors

The Golden Thread

Recognising the need and demand for such expert services, Golden Thread Fire Delay provide a complete menu of fire compliance installation and consultancy services from surveying and inspections to installation and maintenance of fire compartmentation.

We are market-leading specialist installers of Passive Fire Protection (PFP) which includes fire doors, firestopping systems, intumescent coatings, sprayed cementitious and thermal coatings, all types of fire protection board, and soffit fire, thermal and acoustic lining systems.

Our works are backed by third-party accredited certification, included as part of a comprehensive operations and maintenance manual package handed over on completion.