Fire Stopping

In any fire compartmented building it is essential that all service penetrations, openings and other gaps and imperfections in compartment elements are adequately fire-stopped or sealed to restrict the spread of fire & smoke and reinstate thermal and acoustic standards.

A number of factors must be considered including the required level of fire resistance; what services are, or may be, contained within the aperture; how the fabric of the building will react and move in a fire; load bearing or impact resistance requirements; thermal movement or other ambient conditions; designed acoustic reduction performance; and any other specific needs relevant to the building’s use and occupation. 

At Golden Thread Fire Delay we have decades of experience in supplying and installing fire, thermal and acoustic tested systems, from all major manufacturers, to meet all specification requirements, and backed by 3rd party certification.

Source: Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) – technical document ‘Fire Stopping of Service Penetrations Guide 11-09

Source: Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) – technical document ‘Fire Stopping of Service Penetrations Guide 11-09



Mechanical and electrical services penetrating compartment walls whether they’re constructed from concrete, brick, block or dry walls should be sealed using a tested solution to reinstate the compartment line to the same designed fire resistance period. 

Using fire batts, compounds, acrylic and silicone mastics, intumescent closing devices for combustible services and other ancillary products, we follow the latest tested details from all leading manufacturers to ensure the installations are carried out to the highest standard of quality and following the industry guidance and regulations. 


Using a variety of solutions from leading manufacturers, we supply and install an array of tested products for sealing linear gaps within compartments to reinstate said compartments to the required fire resistance period. From acrylic and silicone sealants to dry fitted flexible seals, we can provide solutions suitable for static and movement gaps within compartments. 

Utilising established relationships with the majority of leading fire stopping manufacturers, we ensure our installations are following the tested solution by the manufacturers and adhering to best practice guides from industry bodies such as the ASFP to provide a competent reliable fire stopping solutions for any type of installation.

Whatever your needs and age of building, we can help maintain a safe and compliant environment. Get in touch to discuss your options

The Golden Thread

Recognising the need and demand for such expert services, Golden Thread Fire Delay provide a complete menu of fire compliance installation and consultancy services from surveying and inspections to installation and maintenance of fire compartmentation.

We are market-leading specialist installers of Passive Fire Protection (PFP) which includes fire doors, firestopping systems, intumescent coatings, sprayed cementitious and thermal coatings, all types of fire protection board, and soffit fire, thermal and acoustic lining systems.

Our works are backed by third-party accredited certification, included as part of a comprehensive operations and maintenance manual package handed over on completion.